Search for goods and barter goods

Welcome to the black board of the German Pigeon Museum. Do you have something you
want to sell or barter? Are you searching for something for your collection? Well than this
is the wright place for it! Here you can place your offer or the product you are searching
for. Please only offer goods, which are interesting for collectors of things about pigeons
or poultry!
This is no barter or search area for animals alive!

Using intructions

To add an offer
To add an object, please mark the group in which your offer should be listed and fill in the form. Then please press send/search offer.

If the form is not filled in completely, your offer won't be added to the data

Search for offers
To look at the offers, please select a group and press "search for offer"

How to delete an offer

In which group do you want to put your offer?

Books Commercial stamps
Picture Postcards
Figures - porcelain Stamps
Medals Printings
Records Various things
Promotion stamps Search

You must fill in Name, eMail, article and a description of your offer or article you are searching
for. Your postal adress, postal code, city, state and phone number won't be published on the

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