Hello dear museum friends!

**** Worldwide unique! **** Unbelievable versatile! **** Amazing! ****

These are some of the statements, made from more then 100000 visitors of the Pigeon Museum.

It istn't easy to always find new exhibits, expecially since the objects are not new, but from the past back to the 16
th century. Many items passed thru a lot of collectors hands. The Museum is the terminus for all the exhibits, because the future of this international collection is secured and well taken care off. One more reason for us to try, to attend a complete collection.

It would be grat to enlarge the existing showroom of 700 qm. This is not easy, but we are confitend to extend the Museum.

Meanwhile the Pigeon Museum ist well-known by Pigeon Breeders around the world. Unfortunatey most collectors want to keep their collection to the end of days and often the collections get split up later. So, we don't want to upset other collectors, we just would like to achive a complete collection for the posterity.

The Museum publishes every year a booklet called "Columba" with many interesting contributions from well-known writers, for the international Pigeon-Breeder-Meeting. This booklet has met with a lot of approval. All those activities have helped to make the Museum very popular and well-known.

In spite of it, everyone should have seen the Museum once in person, to get an impression of it. A visit to the Museum should be something to plan up on the future. You will be amazed and we would be pleased to welcome you.

Your Karlheinz Sollfrank

Welcome to the
German Pigeon Museum